Sunday, June 26, 2011


Kas tead mis tunne on kukkunud õielehel,
mis langeb unne lehtede vahel
Või ristikheinal, kel on neli lehte
ja sa ei leia kunagi kõrvuti õnne kahte.

Tuul on, kes kannab endaga kaasas me saladusi
ei iial jaga mägedega neid elusi.

Kastepiisad ei lange kunagi üksi,
kuid mina kaotasin Sõbra.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Kuupaistel võib näha värve
Kirjutatud sulgedel
on õhkõrnad tunded
Neid padja sisse peidan

Varjude tagant leiad päikse
pisikese millimallika
Ei arvanud iial, et nii väike
on armastuseallikas

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brokenhearted day

Another girl just left me
Stepped on my heart and ripped it apart
not really smart

I put on my bad boy jacket
went into a bar with my yellow car
smoked first cigar

It's a brokenhearted day
Ouu Yeaaah
We live with it every day
I'm broken, You're broken
They are broken.

Wasting my time on drinking beer
It's my life. I don't need a wife
to tell what's right.

A girl is sitting next to me
you want a drink? I like you're mink
So what you think?


Driving her around the town
She watches stars while being so far
Do you like my car?

It's the same story for her
Stepped on her heart and ripped it apart
not really smart


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Song of Misery Ver 2.

Sally sees her boyfriend when others see a grave
It dont seem to end this saddening behave
Misery has blinded her, walking on nails
deeper and deeper to the tunnel of despear.

It could be you
(The fool)
The one who belives
(when everyone sees)
It's raining knives..
(and there's no end)
no ending
on this black picture.
Yeah, the one you painted
the one you failed
Thats the one

Are you looking at him, the puppet named "Nobody"
everyone knows that He'll die in misery
Let him be alone in the silence scream
against the world stands a one man team


Cathleen was a model until fire destroyed her
alone hiding and wishing for life that once were
Girls like you dont belong to this community
Its an agony, You cant desagree.


no ending
on this black picture.
Yeah, the one you painted
the one you failed
Thats the one.

I'm Alive Ver.2

I remember them stalking on cold bloody day
When death walking next to me in the hallway
A message from the trapped minds its the humankind
Revealing those past lies. I cannot see WHY?

Watching you face down. Can you see the shame?
It's like I have drown in their sociophatic game
There's nothing you can do. I'm on my own
having the greyest view the world has ever known

I’m alive
And there's nothing you can do about it
I’m alive
And you hate me just for being here
I’m alive
And I’m killing you in your dreams
(Killing you in your dreams)

On this never ending road I choose leaving
hacking the code of their disbelieving
New world is waiting for me, it's not the same you see
Not anymore you can throw me words of life absurds