Monday, July 18, 2011


Mida varjavad pimeduse katkud.
Tuisuna läbib ta mäed.
Ma vaatan, tundes puhuvad hetked.
Ja vaibad norskavad.
Kevadpäike tõusmas seal taga,
kiiri minu palgele heidab.
Ja nii möödub hommik vaga.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Broken wings

I'm lost in the silence, can't find my way out.
There's too much violence,I'd want to shout it loud,
but can't, it's stuck in my throat, no way out,
no way in, all I do is stand still, no will.
But you like it, don't you, to see a fool, drowning in a pool,
locked tight in chains, no complains whatsoever.

Tension is pressing inside, can't say more than hello,
doesn't matter how kind, you just can't be my fellow.
Every laugh hides a fear, please, don't be near.
Emotions coming over the line, saying I'm fine, drinking wine,
but everything is so damn broken, can't get lower, can't be a lover.
I'm a cover of everything that can never be found, it's not there,
its not here, but you just can't stop looking, can't stop wondering.
Too many ifs, looks and smiles, their just hiding the lies.

You think that life is just a game, dealers around the table.
Now let me tell you, that's frigging lame, it's hearts you gamble.
Bets on the boy in red, he's in me, such a irrational thing.
The talk between us is dead, sending out hints, but I already have broken wings.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cuz Love can do more than move mountains

I'm here, sitting on my stone, alone.
Summer wind just past me, wonder where it flew.
The sun is high, lighting up my life,
but never telling, what to do, what is right.
Should I just let things come and slip away.
I know, luck will fade, coming back never again.
I don't want regret, I don't want regret,
something I'll never forget.
Please, save me from the pain,
don't wanna loose feelings I gain.

We can make it better.
We can change the world.
Just believe in me and I'll believe in You.
Cuz Love can do more than move mountains.

Suvi (Ahvin Näxi)

Kas pole mitte tore,
et suvi pole kare
täis lund ja pakast,
vaid soe, täis päikest.

Väljas naudin suvetuult,
muutustega muudan ma meelt.
Teistega, kuid üksinda,
leian end lendlemas mullina.

Suvi peidab end paljus,
isegi kajas, valjus.
Ära kunagi mind jäta.
Ära kunagi mind üksildusse mata.
Oled mu sõber.
Sinuta olen ma kui nõder põder.

(Ahvida on niiiiiiiiiiiii Lahe :)