Thursday, December 22, 2016


üle sildade
merele vaadates
ehitan pilte

maalin taevast,
kust kord kukkusin

Mõtlesin üht mõtet
kaotasin pea
helbed põimunud
lumi mind matab
sulas mu saabastesse

Mida teha pole siin
vaja teha ikka pole
mida teha vajan sind
ootan sind 
sind ei ole
leidsin su kirja
seda ei lugend
sest tean sind niigi
sel poleks mõtet

This is goodbye

Here I stand, naked
There is nothing left
in me
this pressure inside
I'm in pain
something that others can't see
there's no escape
I'm alone
and will Always be alone
I can put on a mask
smile and lie
to others
to myself
in the end it's still just me
and the pain inside
that won't go away
but I will
there is no reason to fall tears for me
I didn't care anyway
or loved anyone
here I stand, naked
on the cliff of hate
but I'd call it death.

I'm sinned

I have a sin in me
I love a person for who he is
doesn't matter he or she

My sin is love 
something you wouldn't understand
cuz it doen't fit in your shallow life
of stupid decisions
and still you choose wrong
you pay for it 
and it's painful
those stupid desicions

but I decide differently
I choose my happiness
not others expectations

I have a sin in me
I love a person for who she/he is. 
I must be a really bad person now that you know that.